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Blair Witch shop
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Original sketches for Blair Witch
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Levi's / Grand Royale game
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Positiva Records site
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Lockets game
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Harry Potter books site
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Having just finished University, I was lucky enough to go straight to work at renowned agency Lateral.

Projects included:

  • Creating a 70’s-themed Choplifter-style game for Levi’s Europe and Beastie Boys’ label, Grand Royale
  • Designing and building the shop for the award-winning
  • Designing and building the Positiva Records site, featured in the 2001 book, Musicdotcom
  • Creating a 3D / isometric Pacman-style game for Lockets
  • Designing and building the site for Harry Potter books.



Between dates

September 1999 - December 2001

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